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The Pinterest photos are pretty and all, but what about when your style gets lost in the millions of pins and images?  Have you noticed that some of the images start to look the same? It can feel totally overwhelming.  Let Kelly help you find your own style.

Our e-design package will take your room from sad to sustainably chic - so you can finally connect with + enjoy your space

How confident do you feel about choosing the biggest investment pieces for your home?  Take a moment and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.

If you're like many, then you may be lacking the confidence to make those big decisions that affect your wallet and the true enjoyment of your space.  You may be great at pointing out examples of spaces that you love. But when it comes to putting it all together, you may be afraid to make the wrong decisions, sinking money into pieces that aren't the right fit for your lifestyle, or for the legacy you want to leave through your home.  

Is it possible that you may be settling for a space that doesn't reflect you and your values?

   What would be mean to you and your family to proudly share your space with loved ones and to make your time at home more rewarding and relaxing?

 Is it possible that you're feeling trapped in comparison, causing you to feel pressure to have your home look a certain way?   Or that you're so inundated with images that it's hard to separate your own personal style from what you see online?

It doesn't have to be that way.  Let Kelly guide you to turn the stress into fun, to create a design that's focused around you, your needs, your story, and the values most important to you to leave a positive legacy in this world.

and, you don't need to spend hours spinning your wheels or pay out of the nose to get it.

The average person will spend 70% of their lifetime at home.

pinterest has over 11 billion home decor pins...with more home design content than ever before.

"Kelly just got me - the room isn’t how I knew to describe my style, but it just works. 

Every time I walk in, I just think, 'wow'." 

- Kendall M.

This is for you if...

You're WAY too busy to figure out the details of your room design

You're curious about how to make more sustainable choices

You're willing to roll up your sleeves to implement, but you need help with the actual design.

You're having trouble articulating your design style

You're feeling paralyzed about making big decisions on what to buy 

You want the convenience of virtual design, but with a human connection to personalize your experience

Personalized style analysis 

Functional floor plan (in 2D + 3D)

Design board + room mockup

Room shopping list with setup instructions 

in just 30 days

you'll walk away with

Energized, inspired and motivated finish your room and proudly share your space!

you'll feel:

Our e-Design Process...

a step by step approach to your sustainably styled dream room

02. first design review

03. second design review

04. shopping list + setup instructions

01. get to know you + your style

We'll hold a kickoff call to discuss your goals and challenges in your space.  Kelly will send in-depth questions tailored to personalize your project - so we NAIL the design. 

Kelly will walk you through your proposed overall design direction + floor plan (in 2D and 3D) to make sure the room really works for you.

This is where your space comes to life!  Kelly will walk you through your mood board + room mock-up. You’ll see 2 looks to choose from and 1 round of revisions to tweak it just so.

After you approve design selections, Kelly will e-mail you all the details on how to order your recommended products (at your own pace), and instructions on setting up your new space.  And poof!  A transformation.

30 days in India and a love for interior design sparked a life change for Kelly.  She took the leap from a 20-year leadership career in a Fortune 100 company to be the chief boss lady of Gratify Home to help women in new ways.

After seeing a lack of beautiful and approachable design in the sustainable space, Kelly stepped into the void.  Her favorite part?   Hearing her client stories, and empowering them to change the world through how they style their homes.

Meet the expert

kelly butler — sustainable interior stylist, mama to 2, and corporate leader turned passionate creative

Questions and Answers

how long can i expect it to take to implement?

The e-Design process is collaborative and we depend on each other to progress through each step.  Our normal timeline is 30 days.  Then, you implement by purchasing the recommended items at your own pace.

what sources do you use for recommended products?

Kelly searches to-the-design trade sources and retailers.  She researches and vets dozens of sustainable home decor companies that are hidden gems, too.   Kelly can also incorporate vintage based on client preference.

what happens after i check out and pay for the e-design package?

Check out using the link below, then Kelly will reply to you within 1 business day to schedule your kickoff call and start the process of transforming your room!

the investment 

hiring an in-person interior designer costs multiple thousands in design fees...

and 95% of designers out there aren't well versed in sustainability...

Our room e-design package is loaded with value.

JUST $1197


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