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Here at Gratify Home, we know one size doesn't fit all - that your vision and goals for your home are unique.  That's why we offer two paths to your sustainably styled dream home...

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Paths to your sustainable dream home

option 1

If you're sick of...

your personality and story getting lost in cookie cutter, mass- produced home interiors that don’t reflect your sustainable values

If you feel...

excited about your own ideas and capabilities, but lost in millions of home decor images online, stuck on how to put it all together the way you see it in your mind

If you want...

to learn a repeatable design process, empowering you to sustainably style any room in your home as your own stylist.

If you're sick of...

looking around your home and realizing that it doesn’t reflect where you or your family are in life

If you feel...

like a hamster on a wheel, trying to keep up with the demands of life while your dream home vision keeps falling to the wayside.

If you want...

a beautiful + sustainable design reflecting your story and sustainable values, with instructions to implement at your own pace. 

sustainable style coaching 

option two

full room e-design 

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our values & style

marry sustainable with chic

designs focused on versatility + longevity

beautiful,highly personalized spaces

top notch service

our clients are like family

Sustainability is in our DNA.

At Gratify Home, we take a broad approach to include people and planet.  We follow these 8 tenants when designing with and for our clients:

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with a cause

artisan made


sustainably harvested wood

Made in usa/

fair trade

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Molly says...

"I feel perfectly confident picking out my clothing and outfits...but when it comes to styling my home, it's not the same.  I was happy to get Kelly's help with a super challenging floor plan so my family could truly enjoy our new home."

laura says...

"I had never worked with a designer before Kelly, and I just assumed it was out of my league...that hiring a designer was for really wealthy people. Now that I’m into the process, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t hire her before.

 It is affordable and I think I could have saved myself so much money in the long run. I spent a lot of time and money on furniture and home decor pieces that ultimately, I didn’t love."

from our clients...